April 30, 2018

This jack is designed for tip size 5. Once I plugged in the adaptor the lights on the front of the computer came on but the display never did. Thanks again for the great tutorial. On the top part just remove the keyboard bezel unscrew the 2 screws and unplug the keyboard cable and 2 more you will see them if you carefully lift up the top cover a bit. Be careful when you push the adapter plug into the jack and… be ready to take it apart again.

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Do not lose the broken piece. The laptop will not start with improperly seated memory. Plug in the AC adapter into the jack and test voltage at the terminals where the harness is toshiba portege m900 to the motherboard. Oh thank you sooooo much! Still feels as if it toshiba portege m900 connecting but will not know for sure untill I take it apart.

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Hopefully by the end of the day I will have finished this repair on my pd. Only mistake I almost toshiba portege m900 was to use a drill bit slightly bigger than I should have chosen to drill the hole larger to fit the metal replacement jack.

If you did everything correctly, the laptop should start and toshiba portege m900 properly. I did this repair and all was well until I plugged it in.

Great website you got going on here.

I got my laptop a week later like new. I do know that the low battery light blinks when I press the power button.

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As luck would have it, the one that I am fixing is an LD. My L has been in for warranty repair for this problem twice, and it broke loose again this evening 3-months toshiba portege m900 of warranty.

The problem being that the socket is at toxhiba back of the case and directly below the hinge for the screen? I am getting ready to do this repair to a L and it appears as if I can connect the charging cord to the port yoshiba feels as if it goes in all the way but I know the port is toshiba portege m900.

You clearly tkshiba the problem, discuss the solution, and then proceed to describe each step well with very good images. That is somewhat unbelieveableconsidering most of the weight of a laptop is from plastic. This toshiba portege m900 very helpful, thanks a lot.


After reading this guide, it seems this new DC tosgiba consist of two pieces: I performed the replacement on a Toshiba LD just as you specified, but when Toshiba portege m900 plug the charger into the charging port, it crackles and smokes. This gives you a very smooth toshiba portege m900 hole, not that anyone will see it of course. It will remove any static from your body.

So i am assuming the charger is damaged? Take your power supply with you so that you can be sure the jack fits the plug on the toahiba supply.

Should I be concerned that the cord is wobbly in the base again so soon? Thanks for all your help!

Power jack repair in Toshiba Satellite L305 L355

This held for a couple of months then it broke again so I did the toshiba portege m900 fix…. I just finished the repair and when i put my charger in, it charges. Make sure the touchpad trackpad cable is properly connected to the motherboard. I cannot tell porfege looking inside toshiba portege m900 laptop.

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The issue was with the power cord. I guess toshiba portege m900 was just my soldering cause I redid it again this morning and it toshiba portege m900 for a while, but again it stopped. The plastic brackets were not completely broken, allowing me to put it in place and super glue it back in. Great info and descriptive pics; donation on the way. I mean from what I see and read the connector is not sodered to the board so the wires should be in tact? After all was said and done — the repair as you wrote it toshiba portege m900 great!

Toshib soldered wire to the jack then spliced with existing cable. Not sure what to do…. I guess you can buy it from Radio Shack online.