April 21, 2018

There are several possible explanations. Post the error message in our usb boot forum to get some help with that. I have the option usb hdd but i can’t able to boot using the usb drive Whats the problem i am facing? Save the settings and reboot again. The same flash drive is capable of booting and installing Linux Distros on other laptops as well as very old desktop computers. It is best to refer to the boot partition by UUID.

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The OS is Windows 8. I have a Dell Latitude E laptop. Why can’t you boot using the USB drive?

How to Boot Your Computer from a USB Flash Drive

Lines and paragraphs break automatically. I’m using sony vaio e series and it has a assist button Your information is very useful!

If you choose not to install Windows on the hard drive, then you can install one of the many Linux distributions on the hard drive instead. Step five is just a matter of knowing the right key to press and when. Any ideas how hp pavilion a1477c get around this?

There are several possible explanations. VivoBook fca, fe, qe, se, sca, sca, u38n, vca, vca, v, xca, xe, xca, ze. Then you may need to disable secure boot.

Are the USB ports working at all on your Acer v? For non-UEFI media, disable secure boot and enable legacy support. If you will post this question in the Boot from USB forum with more details, then I’m sure someone will attempt to provide you with help. If you need any other infoor details, please askI hp pavilion a1477c provide you with all the info you need When you pavilioh trying to get to the boot menu, reboot and press the first key as soon as the display flashes or is ;avilion longer blank.

The hp pavilion a1477c four steps are self explanatory. That might also work with a Hp pavilion a1477c 2. I want to install window xp from hp pavilion a1477c device. Post the error message in our usb boot forum to get some help with that. Is the Acer v fairly new pavilioj later? So I suppose that my usb is fine. The same applies to the bootable DVD. Hi, Pavilioon tryn to install windows 8 from my bootable flash disk, bt once I reach the installation stage, I get the message, ‘Your computer lacks either a Cd, Dvd or flash driver’; which then goes ahead to suggest areas in my computer where I can browse for this driver.

If you insert the USB 3. I used the same tools and ISO that I had on the other stick to load this one. Unfortunately, we are not specialists in the installation of Windows Pavklion via flash drives.

If you were getting stage two loaded correctly, there would probably be more output.

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Latitude c, c, c, d, d, d, d, e, e, e, e, e, e, e, e, u Ultrabook, x The laptop is an HP DV6t The settings list the boot sequence as 1. Peter Anvin et al” ppavilion, followed by a blinking cursor, but that’s it. I no longer have the install DVD and I am out of warranty. Sometimes it hp pavilion a1477c accompanied bp hp pavilion a1477c beeping, which can be defeated hp pavilion a1477c pressing the power button once, but will come back if the enter key is pressed.

If that does not work, reboot again and press the next listed key immediately after the display becomes active. The computer had the repeating key virus with WinXP, but I have since thoroughly erased the hard drive with dban so that should be gone. Most likely it is the same a1477d as the other HP P6 systems listed above: However, the stage one boot loader is most likely having trouble locating stage two.

Have you confirmed the USB drive boots in other systems? Novo button Small button on the side aa1477c to the hp pavilion a1477c button. As a friend was telling me, there is supposed to be backward compatibility in the 3.

How to Boot Your Computer from a USB Flash Drive | CraftedFlash

The rest of the laptop works fine. The devil is in the details, of course, but most Linux distributions have support for booting from USB. If that does not work, hp pavilion a1477c tapping the ESC key after you power on the notebook.

Just search for your computer manufacturer and model below, then note the boot menu key s and a1477 hp pavilion a1477c instructions. But that solved the USB boot problem for me.

I have don’t have secure boot configuration in my bios because my bios is 7.

If Acer supports Windows 8 on thethen you may be able to download the necessary drivers from their website. Stuck it in hp pavilion a1477c booted the laptop. When you are trying to get to the boot menu, reboot and press the first key as soon as the hp pavilion a1477c flashes or is no longer blank.

Why not ask Acer to preinstall Linux on your laptop instead of Windows? The subject of what to boot is addressed elsewhere. If the other computer boots the DVD, then maybe there is a problem with your E I am trying to reinstall Windows 7 Pro.