Release the harness [2] from the wire saddles [3]. Chapter 14 Numerals enclosed in parentheses denote a numeric keypad key to be pressed each. Canon IR Copying Manual pages. Table Of Contents Contents Contents Route the other harness [3] to the front of the host machine through the saddle. Table Of Contents Contents 4.

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Page Chapter 8 F 8 Remove the two pressure springs [1], remove the pressure plate by turning it in the direction of the arrow.


Repeating harness B 1 pc. Laser exposure [2] Developing block Step 3: Winkelwagentje Aantal Product Geen producten. When tightening the screws, take canon ir2016j printer not to damage the repeating harness B. After completion of a job, dust detection is performed maximum six times in 3 point of A, B and C. Page Canon ir2016j printer Contents 9. Page 68 Chapter 2 F 13 Affix the two supplied harness covers bases at the right rear of the machine with it aligned with the bottom line of the reader.

Service Agreement (SBD) – Canon Thailand – Business

F 4 Open a core [1]. Chapter 2 F When installing the heater for the cassette at the second or lower stage, detach the rear cover of the cassette canon ir2016j printer follow the procedure mentioned in this procedural manual. The light reflected by the original is collected by the rod lens array. Separation Minus DC Page Table Of Contents Contents 6. Page 78 Chapter 2 F The reader flexible cables are stuck to the flexible cable cover, so do not pull the cover forcibly.

Page Chapter canon ir2016j printer F 1 Open the front cover [1]. Removing The Pressure Roller 8. Chapter 4 F 4. Removing Reader Components Chapter 2 F 12 Secure the harness guide [1] to the rear bottom of the reader together with the heater harness [2]. Don’t have an account? Page Chapter 8 The temperature detected by the main and sub thermistors did not reach the prescribed temperature during startup control. Document platen cover sensor SR Page Chapter 2 F 5 Install the four canon ir2016j printer [1] on the canon ir2016j printer of the host machine.

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Canon iR2020 Series Service Manual

canon ir2016j printer This control is performed only caonn the ADF is used and it is closed. Page 23 Chapter 1 Introduction Page Chapter 14 Service Mode Chapter 2 F 10 Pass the heater harness [1] though the harness guide [2] with the clamp [3] of the heater harness aligned with the notch canon ir2016j printer in the harness guide.

Chapter 2 F 2 Open the front cover [1].

Chapter 2 F 7 Reinstall the parts at the left of the reader. Removing The Fixing Drive Unit 9. F When installing the pressure cam, position it inside the bent portion [1] of the side plate as shown canon ir2016j printer.

Indicates an item requiring care to avoid combustion fire. Page Chapter 15 F 12 Pfinter the version of the system software to download from the list. Chapter 14 Numerals enclosed in ir2016i denote a numeric keypad key to be pressed each. Select ‘2’ if the other party fails to receive the protocol signal properly. Chapter 2 F 2. canon ir2016j printer

Page Chapter 2 F 4 Remove the screw [1], and then the stay [2]. To print the manual completely, please, download it. Chapter 6 F 6.

Page – Basic Sequence after Depression of Start Chapter 8 F 8 Remove the two pressure springs [1], remove the pressure plate by turning it in the direction of the arrow. Chapter 1 Additional Functions Available Settings 1. canon ir2016j printer

Page 3 Canon will release technical information as the need arises. Page 96 Chapter 2 F Route the repeating wire B [1] as shown below. Page Contents canon ir2016j printer. prnter

SR Fixing delivery sensor Detects fixing delivery. Table Of Contents Contents 3. The removed card reader mount is no longer necessary.