May 12, 2018

Fingerprint modality — new extraction and matching algorithms that provide better interoperability with other vendors and improved recognition accuracy on lower quality fingerprint scans. Scans dual flat fingerprints. Implemented fingerprints template updating from image to work with proprietary small templates. January 10, MegaMatcher On Card 2. Improved facial recognition accuracy. During the first months of the project almost , citizens have been registered using fingerprint, face and iris biometric modalities.

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Configurable facial template size and improved template generalization. Multi-biometric face and fingerprint authentec aes2660 engine from Neurotechnology helps to enable fast and accurate passport processing. The newest version of VeriLook features improved reliability and faster matching speed. An easy-to-use face verification component for use in secure authentication applications such as mobile banking is included in the VeriLook 9.

Authentec aes2660 the press release for more information. You are welcome to meet us at booth C12 and to contact us in advance or during the event to authentec aes2660 a meeting time.

The new releases provide a number of enhancements that improve accuracy authentec aes2660 usability for both biometric system developers and end-users, authentec aes2660 notably:. Cloud Biometrics at Sky Biometry. Office and GMail support. You are welcome to meet us at booth 4 K and to contact us in advance to reserve a meeting time.

You can visit Neurotechnologija and Fulcrum Biometrics there at booth March 2, SentiBotics 2. Our template generator algorithm has been ranked the first in the NIST MINEX authentec aes2660 category; the fingerprint matching algorithm ranks second and, when combined, authentec aes2660 two rank as the most accurate high speed fingerprint recognition system.

I would be willing to purchase it if they were to offer it and guarantee compatibility with my computer. The newest version features improved face and iris extraction algorithms, authentec aes2660 face verification on card algorithm and Android platform support addition.

June 26, Ultrasound Research Group at Neurotechnology announces new 3D printing method based on ultrasonic manipulation technology. Develops capacitive fingerprint sensors. Video surveillance SentiVeillance Server. The new version includes these updates:. First engineering sample in March. The new version features these updates: Synaptics announces the VFS slide sensor. Samples for authentec aes2660 programming languages updated.

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The new version includes:. Seems not to use authentec aes2660 previous sensor prototype. The resolution seems to be still dpi, but looks like it is not a square chip: VeriLook SDK is available for the developers of biometric systems. The VeriEye placed in the top authnetec for iris recognition accuracy and the top two for aed2660 among algorithms from 11 participating companies and universities.


The patent-pending, non-contact manipulation technology uses ultrasonic waves authentec aes2660 trap and move small particles and components, enabling 3D printing and assembly authentec aes2660 a wide range of materials and components. If they do not install you have to try to use compatibility mode. The new version of authentec aes2660 solution for large-scale AFIS or multi-biometric systems features:. The new ahthentec features improved face detection algorithm.

The algorithm improves extraction speed and iris segmentation quality. But a very original method.

This is not the same sensor, and no angle. Precision Group x pixels dpi. Scans 4 flat fingerprints simultaneously. Native authentec aes2660 dpi. The authentec aes2660 enables using VeriFinger and MegaMatcher technologies for the implementation of biometric fingerprint-on-smartcard verification systems.

Biographic attributes storage and query support. The SDK is based on new technology that provides enhanced recognition capabilities for authentec aes2660 in a wide range of robotics, artificial intelligence and computer vision applications.

Neurotechnology’s news: product releases and events

Likely processed by Denken semiconductors. The new NCheck Cloud Bio Attendance cloud-based biometric time and attendance authentec aes2660 service enables users to check in and out using selfies with face recognition; while the updated NCheck Bio Attendance 4. Innovations in fingerprint capture devices Xiongwu Xia.

Improved multi-finger templates matching score normalization. The same algorithm is used in the VeriLook Embedded 1. January 29, SentiSight 2. The new version features:. Palm print identification added to MegaMatcher face, fingerprint and iris authentec aes2660.

Supported Biometric Scanners and Sensors

Aims also under-display sensors next generation. Supported devices Fingerprint readers. Looks to work more or less like the Optel sensor. Solution Partners get special discount for authentec aes2660 products licenses.

Operates authentec aes2660 visible and near infra-red up to wavelengths of nm. The ass2660 algorithms are also available in the MegaMatcher Embedded 1. September 30, Neurotechnology announces developers training courses.